What would you like to do with your brand today?

Let's show off. Awesome.

Lam-Andrews elevates brands to the status of market/industry leaders.

We create addictive value propositions about your product or service
that your customers want to hear.

We understand the healthcare relationships and influencers at every level
and what motivates their decisions.

We create new language that simplifies and elevates your product's value.

We make healthcare brands the best competitor in their markets.

We know where to allocate healthcare marketing dollars for the biggest bang.

We use social media and technology to position your brand cost effectively.

We understand the hot buttons of healthcare players –
the patients, the providers, their staff, referral physicians, the investors,
the payers, the c-level and our special sweet spot, the healthcare entrepreneurs.

Oh yeah, we know some tricks.

Healthcare Specialty Experience Healthcare Audience Expertise


"Lam-Andrews understands the commerce of healthcare.

They also understand the practical side of budgets, speed and deadlines.

The creative is the best in our space.

We have had great success with our model clinic.

Lam-Andrews deserves a share of the credit."

CEO and President,
Diabetes Care Group