Lam-Andrews is a healthcare marketing, media, public relations, lead generation, social media and web design firm that includes secure hosting and SEO, based in Nashville, founded in 1991. We serve a broad spectrum of business within the commerce of healthcare, especially gifted for aggressive business development teams and visionary entrepreneurs within healthcare.

L-A is a full-service agency, offering clients a wide array of communications support from large-scale, fully integrated marketing and PR campaigns to quick-turn, stand-alone projects.


Complete list of services.







Lead generation

Strategic planning

Full creative services

Brand development and positioning

Website design / development / programming / SEO / secure hosting

Internet marketing

Public relations / communications

Messaging and content

Social media marketing


Direct mail

Email marketing

Media planning and placement

Broadcast and video production

And the best healthcare creative in the world.



The L-A brand has over 30 years experience marketing the nation’s most successful healthcare companies- learning new things to do and not do every step of the way.

We know when the target audience calls for classic old school marketing principles or leading edge media and creative energies— or both.

We do our homework. We take great pride in our work.
We’re honest, friendly folks. We stand behind what we deliver.

That makes our brand great.

We deliver excellent value to our clients.
Our structure is efficient. Our team works quickly.
Our hourly rates are very competitive.

We bill whatever works best for each client.
Project. Hourly. Retainer.

We think outside the healthcare box.
We communicate the exact right creative
for every brand we support.




L-A expertise. Business to business. Physician practices.
Medical centers. Oncology. Behavioral health.
Aesthetic healthcare. Senior care. Hospice. Imaging centers.
Healthcare management contracts. Healthcare technology. Healthcare consultants. Investment firms.

And amusing things that catch our eye
outside of healthcare.


What we do best.




New company launches

Healthcare branding

Brand management

Brand messaging

Public relations and communications

Targeted marketing strategies

Lead generation

Healthcare technology, products and services marketing

Marketing for development and acquisition

Physician practice marketing

Marketing to physicians

Marketing physician / hospital partnerships

Marketing all healthcare service lines

Marketing to the C-level

Marketing for aggressive development teams

Medical software

Retail healthcare

Targeted and efficient media buying

Hospice services

Senior living/senior services

Social media

Digital advertising


Secure website hosting


Leading the way in aggressive lead generation. Healthcare lead generation requires a deep understanding of the target audience. Successful strategies are rare because most business development teams think the end result is a sale rather than a lead. Target the lead, then make the sell. We know because we have over 30 years experience discovering what does and does not work.

How does it begin?

We meet you either in person or via a conference call.
We learn about your business objectives.
We gain an understanding of your prospects
and what matters most to them.
We ask a lot of questions. We listen.
A typical first meeting takes 30 to 90 minutes.
We follow-up the initial meeting with a preliminary
strategic proposal based on the objectives we learned
and suggested strategies to accomplish those objectives.
The proposal includes prices and an anticipated
timeline to accomplish the work.
This proposal is then refined with the client,
and we commence work.

Marketing Healthcare’s Finest Brands For Thirty Years.